Emergent Philippine Environments and Foodways

I am collaborating with Dr. Alyssa Paredes of University of Michigan Department of Anthropology to organize an academic workshop on emergent issues in Philippine environments and foodways, which we fondly named “Halo-Halo Ecologies” (halo-halo is a popular dessert in the Philippines). The “Halo-Halo Ecologies” Workshop endeavors to explore the intersection of food and environment byContinue reading “Emergent Philippine Environments and Foodways”

Climate Change and Food Resilience in the Philippines

Southeast Asian societies are bound to experience extreme and more frequent weather events in the future, which can have serious implications on the food security of rural and urban populations in the region. This project examines climate change impacts on food and agriculture and the ways people’s access to and utilization of food have adaptedContinue reading “Climate Change and Food Resilience in the Philippines”

Comparison of Urban Food Growing in Southeast Asia

Urban food growing—in the form of community gardens, commercial urban farms, and vertical and high-tech farms—has been expanding rapidly in the megacities of Southeast Asia since the mid 2010s. For example, urban food growing has been in existence in Manila and Bangkok for many decades now, often manifesting as home and community gardening initiatives inContinue reading “Comparison of Urban Food Growing in Southeast Asia”

“Sustainable Food” Trends in Asia and the Pacific

Transecting “Healthy” and “Sustainable” Food in the Asia Pacific Food, Culture & Society Special Issue In the last few years, many new food practices that claim to be “healthy” and “sustainable” have become ubiquitous in Asia and the Pacific. New food trends—such as locavorism, organic eating, switching to brown rice, and plant-based diets, to nameContinue reading ““Sustainable Food” Trends in Asia and the Pacific”


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