Asia-Pacific Food

Transecting “Healthy” and “Sustainable” Food in the Asia Pacific Food, Culture & Society Special Issue (Expected online October 2019) In the last few years, many new food practices that claim to be “healthy” and “sustainable” have become ubiquitous in Asia and the Pacific. New food trends—such as locavorism, organic eating, switching to brown rice, andContinue reading “Asia-Pacific Food”

Policy Process

It has always been of interest in academia and practice how certain environmental policies gain salience in the political arena and get formulated and enacted. Many scholars continue to explore the social, cultural, economic, political and biophysical factors that affect the fate of proposed and created environmental policies. During my doctoral studies, I engaged inContinue reading “Policy Process”

Envi Conflict

Conflict and violence are prevalent in environmental and natural resources management. Individuals and groups collide when institutions establish boundaries that cause human displacements and exclusions from access to land and natural resources. I worked with a small team of researchers at Palawan State University, in cooperation with the Forest Management Bureau in the Philippines, toContinue reading “Envi Conflict”


The migration-development-environment nexus is an emerging area of scholarship in migration and environmental studies. I worked with a small team of sociologists and environmental scientists to further explore the implications of migration on the environments of sending communities. Related to my larger study on decision-making and low carbon commodity contracts in the Philippines, we investigatedContinue reading “Migration”