Refereed Journal Articles

* denotes current or former student

31) Fu, X.*, M. Schneider-Mayerson, and M.J.F. Montefrio. The Reproductive Climate Concerns of Young, Educated Chinese: ‘When the Nest is Upset No Egg is Left Intact.’ Environmental Sociology (forthcoming) (Link)

30) Kwok, Y.*, Montefrio, M.J.F., and Tandoc, E. Navigating discipline and indulgence: The strategic performance of contradiction in social media food posts. Food, Culture & Society (forthcoming) (Link)

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10) Montefrio, M.J.F.(2014). State Versus Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: Comparative Analysis of Stable System Parameters, Policy Constraints, and the Process of Delegitimation. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis,16(4), 335-355. (Link)

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1) Montefrio, M.J.F., Ng, K.S., Lee*, Y.K., Torio, E., Chua, M.H., de Sales-Papa, L., & Obbard, J.P. (2007). A sustainable approach to the remediation of the Payatas Disposal Facility in Metro Manila, Philippines. The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, 2(7), 41-52.

Book Chapter

3) Montefrio, M.J.F., and Abasolo, A.O. (2020). From the Everyday to a Superstar and Possibly Back? Tracing the Dynamic Commoditization of Kale. In: E. McDonell, R. Wilk (Eds.), Critical approaches to superfood. Bloomsbury.

2) Montefrio, M.J.F. (2016). Confronting the “unproductive” upland discourses in biofuels development. In: Le Bouthillier, Y., Cowie, A., Martin, P., McLeod-Kilmurray, H. (Eds.), The law and policy biofuels, pp. 59-80. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

1) Montefrio, M.J.F, & Obbard, J.P. (2011). Production and utilisation of biodiesel derived from waste cooking oil: A feasibility study of its application in Marikina City, Philippines. In: Lye L.H. et al (eds.), Sustainability matters: challenges and opportunities in environmental management in Asia, pp. 1-36. Singapore, Singapore: Pearson Education South Asia.

Non-Refereed Publications

Dressler, W., & Montefrio, M.J.F. (2018, May 10). Pala’wan indigenous food, forests threatened. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Opinion

Montefrio, M.J.F. (2015). Conflict management manual for forest communities in the Philippines. International Tropical Timber Organization.

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Carter, S., Haas, J., Liu, C., Montefrio, M.J.F., Pettus, K. & Stauber, J. (2011). Strategic visioning: Agriculture, natural resources and climate change in North and West Africa. Prepared for the Near East Foundation, Syracuse, New York.

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