Research Team


Alaine Alaine Johnson is a second-year student at Yale-NUS College originally from Seattle, WA. She is an Environmental Studies Major and Anthropology Minor and is interested in the intersections between agriculture and human development. As a research assistant to Marvin Montefrio, she works on systems of organic food certification and sustainable agri-food governance policies in Southeast Asia.


Kwok Yingchen is a second-year Environmental Studies major interested in applying queer and Marxist theories to studying the environment. He sees food as a fundamental component of sociality, and hence one of the first places to attempt to elucidate the praxis of such a vision. He is currently studying the cultural politics of organic food in the Philippines via an analysis of social media.

Wan Ping

Chua Wan Ping is a third-year Environmental Studies major, with particular interest in food safety governance and the interactions between food safety and sustainability. As part of her capstone project, Wan Ping examines the policy-making dynamics associated with food safety (antibiotics and pesticides) and standards in Southeast Asia. She is the co-founder and a key member of the Yale-NUS Sustainability movement, I’dECO. In her free time, Wan Ping runs, hikes, rock climbs and occasionally writes poetry.