SUNY-ESF Graduation Marvin Montefrio

Completion of PhD at SUNY-ESF! With Dr. David Sonnenfeld, Chao Jiang, Annisa Harinto, and Laura Coberly (May 2014)

Marvin and Yasmin (Syracuse)

In Syracuse University with Yasmin Ortiga (May 2014)

IMG_0240Presentation at the International Network of Research on Coupled Human and Natural Systems (San Francisco, December 2012)

KayasanField research in Tagbanua Community in Palawan, the Philippines (Palawan, November 2011)

IMGP7202Field research in Pala’wan Community in Palawan, the Philippines (Palawan, May 2012)

IMGP6651Learning to play the kudyapi (an indigenous string instrument) during field research (Palawan, December 2011)

IMGP6808Ethnography in an oil palm community in Palawan, the Philippines (Palawan, March 2012)

P1240248Giving a talk on inter- and trans-disciplinarity in Palawan (Palawan, March 2012)

IMGP6915With my major professor, Dr. David A. Sonnenfeld, at the underground river in Palawan, the Philippines (Palawan, April 2012)

Marvin Montefrio 2With Dr. Sonnenfeld at SUNY-ESF (Syracuse, Fall 2010)

Yasmin and IWith Yasmin Ortiga, my wife (sociology doctoral student), in New York City (New York, August 2009)

Marvin Montefrio 5Internship at the United Nations headquarters in New York (New York, Summer 2009)

Marvin Montefrio 11With Abraham Lincoln at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University (Syracuse, Fall 2009)

Marvin Montefrio 14The Filipino graduate students in Syracuse (Syracuse, Spring 2009)

SR Nathan 1Receiving my masters diploma from the His Excellency S.R. Nathan, President of Singapore (Singapore, 2007)


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