Southeast Asia MapThe migration-development-environment nexus is an emerging area of scholarship in migration and environmental studies. I worked with a small team of sociologists and environmental scientists to further explore the implications of migration on the environments of sending communities. Related to my larger study on decision-making and low carbon commodity contracts in the Philippines, we investigated how the cyclical movement of Filipino oil palm workers between the Philippine province of Palawan and the Malaysian State of Sabah contribute to farmers’ and landowners’ decisions to engage in the production of oil palm. We endeavored to contribute to the emerging literature on South-South migration by focusing on the role of non-economic or social remittances (knowledge, ideas and values) in shaping the decision-making processes that result in certain environmental outcomes.

Relevant Publication:

Montefrio, M.J.F., Ortiga, Y.Y., & Josol, M.R.C. (2014). Inducing development: Social remittances and the expansion of oil palm. International Migration Review, 48(1), 216-242. (Link)

Published by Marvin Joseph Montefrio

Critical agrarian and food scholar specializing in political ecology, cultural politics, and STS.

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